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one of the top short animations I have seen on here in a while! The flow is smooth the various types of art styles are a great throwback to the game it is a part of. The music is a great pairing as well. Nicely done!

nicely done!

nice, pizza is pretty awesome.

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........ (wat?) ............ 27........ after a certain point the audio.... hurts.............. oh.............. I see...... (84) .......... does that naturally happen when you speed up that song or did you just switch out audio?

huh......... ?

as far as a game like this goes.. well done!!! I hope I see more of this kind of games in the future... Multiple options

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a good jive. My personal take is that the song was good as is and for a remix, this feels just a tad too jumpy with the base start off. Overall it feels like you tried to infuse 2020 energy into a 2008 song, which isn't bad it's just not quite my thing. I do appreciate the effort put into the smooth and slowed out section. Overall, a nice jam : )

TuneDown responds:

I appreciate the solid feedback! I always try my best to do the original justice, as i love DJ Splash as he was a huge influence in not only me becoming a producer, but me actually being introduced into electronic music itself. I also always try to keep a kind of... "Old" sound, i try not to make my music sound too recent. I really like the old happy hardcore vibe, mixed with a bit of j-core influence. But all in all, thanks for the positive review, i doubt i'll do any other DJ Splash remixes as the originals are generally just good as they are. c:

I would say it is really great... I do think there might have been a bit of room to squeeze for more but... tbh I am not entirely sure where that is... Possibly length (in my opinion) there is so much great variation you could have probably had it loop back into itself at a point and it would have been just as amazing :) nice song!
..... Not sure I believe the one sitting though XD you are very impressive if you did that sir... As well as very dedicated O_o well done!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Believe it! My best melodies usually comes to me in one sitting, bursts of inspiration. This was just one of those where I did not leave the computer until it was done, afraid I would loose whatever magic I stumbled upon.

I really liked it! I have been really enjoying your music keep it up!

RetromanOMG responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you're tuned in!

I enjoy art; I hope to be able to work in a job that involves that passion one day. I also really enjoy animation; which is something I have been getting into more and more.

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